I think my blog says it all about me, but I all willing to cough up a few details. I’m a woman in my 30’s with mental illnesses. Despite what tv and cinema portrays on the screen about the mentally insane, I do not fall underneath those stereotypes. I am not homeless, I am not unemployed, I am not a drug addict and I don’t have daddy issues. Okay, the daddy issues thing is a lie, but at this point, who doesn’t have daddy issues? I am an independent woman not living with her parents (very rare for millennial like me, I know…). I am working in a very impressive job and slowly breaking the glass ceiling within my career. I drive a decent car, that I paid in full; cash. I pay my bills and all that jazz. Not to brag, but I pretty much kick ass! Definitely the girl you bring home to your momma! Haha! Anyway, it’s very discouraging seeing how the media showcases people with mental illnesses. I’m one of many who is doing decent, if not terrific, in their lives. But mental illness doesn’t care what level you’re at in your career, if you’re male or female, if you’re rich or poor, your religion, or the color of your skin. It doesn’t care at all! This is where I step in. To shed a little light on that. And to show the importance of mental health. So please, read my articles with an open mind and an open heart. Thanks.