Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem

You know the quote, “Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem”? As much as this is true, that’s the whole point. Here me out… Even though the problems are only temporary, for many who are contemplating suicide, it does not feel temporary. Especially for individuals who goes through multiple events at the same time, back-to-back. For these individuals it appears they can not get a break from life. This creates frustration and sense of hopelessness. Even though if they keep holding on, and things may turn around, for some people they have had it rough for many years. So even though suicide is a permanent to a temporary problem(s), it is an answer for not feeling so alone, defeated, like a failure, useless, and hopeless. That’s the whole point of choosing to end your life. It’s to stop not only the current pain, but any further pain.

Also, the quote is almost an insult. It kind of belittles the person’s current state by declaring it’s temporary. It minimizes the importance of the person feelings. Which kind of create judgement upon their situation. This not only causes more pain, but it also oversimplifies the ultimate solutions to underlying problems that are causing the person’s pain. Trust me, I understand what the slogan is trying to do and I appreciate it. However, coming from the other end and reading it is kind of like, “Well… duh! That’s the whole point!” But that can be me and I am overthinking it. What do you think?

In a slightly lighter note, I have not done Music Monday in such a long time. I decided to leave the famous song by the rapper Logic called 1-800-273-8255. The title of the song is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. This is an emotional song about wanting not to live, but end in a high note of wanting to live. The lyrics are touching and relatable. If you have not listened, please give it a chance. If you already heard it, listen to it again. Sometimes, we need a song to remind us we are not alone. Hope this song helps you adult one day at a time.



Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Suicide Prevention Live Chat:








9 thoughts on “Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem

  1. Hi my name is Richy and my blogs slogginthroodepression , we had a wee chat the other day and I really liked your post and I was wondering would you be offended if I copied it and put on my blog to further get the message out ? Thanks and hope your doing well .

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