Black Minds Matter

Since I have been away from blogging in such a long time, I guess I am trying to do the catch-up game. So yes, I am a bit late on the topic of Black Lives Matter (BLM). But I have not been late regarding to mental health within the black community. For the past two years I have shined the light on mental health in the black community. My post, AFRICAN AMERICANS AND MENTAL HEALTH, discuss about the depression in the black community. My entry, A REAL MAN, is about being a black man with depression. I have placed Charlemagne Tha God and Trevor Noah as Man Crush Monday (MCM) for being one of the few black men in public eye to admit of having depression. Of course I had a Woman Crush Wednesday (WCW) for Bebe Moore Campbell and how she started National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month to help with mental health within the black community. On my entry, PTSD-MORE THAN A VET DISEASE, I have discussed the severity of PTSD within the black community and the cause of it. Last but not least, my own personal experience as a black person with depression and mental illnesses on my post, LET’S START FROM THE BEGGINNING.

So as you see, this is not just a hot topic trend for me. I’ve been doing this before the hype and the hashtags. Because it’s important to me that we not only fight for justice and equality, but we fight for a peaceful mind. The mind is an immensely powerful thing. Due to slavery, many years of oppression, and systematic flaws, many black minds are not mentally in peace. How can a person be completely mentally stable when they are worried about the police? How can a person be completely mentally stable when eyes are watching them intensely when going shopping? How can a person be mentally stable knowing after the phone interview, they may not get the job after the face-to-face interview? How can anybody be mentally stable when they can’t get a house due to the color of their skin?

After many years of the system working against you, all that is not normal, becomes normal. Because that is the world black people live in. Constantly adapting and conforming just to be viewed as equals. Which if you think about it, it’s just being in survival mode. Therefore, everyday a black person wakes up, they must mentally prepare themselves for the day that will come ahead.

I am not sure if people ever watch videos I would add onto posts, but I highly recommend and encourage you to watch this. Just so you can get a better understanding of how black minds work and why it works the way it does. The more we educate ourselves the easier it will be to adult one day at a time.





Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Suicide Prevention Live Chat:







7 thoughts on “Black Minds Matter

  1. I don’t think you’re late to it at all, we need this to be a sustained change, and this kind of continual effort makes all the difference.
    Mental health is of course of the utmost importance and perhaps has a place in the “defund the police” conversation. Police have proven very ill-equipped at de-escalating situations with people who may be struggling with mental health. Pouring more funding into mental health initiatives is great prevention, but we might also want to send out trained mental health workers when 911 gets one of these calls – so the cops are there as back up only.


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