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It’s that time of year again! When we all have to figure out what to get for our loved ones. But do you get for a loved one who is going through some rough times or serious depression? Don’t worry my minions, because Michy is here! I have been looking and researching high and low for gift ideas. I try to pick the best of the best. I hope it seriously helps you find something that your friend, lover, and/or family member would love. Keep in mind this list is not in a specific order. So let’s jump right on in!

  1. Books – 61YSSnYqYXL._SX342_There were sssssoooo many amazing mental health books that I decided I’m going to created a separate entry of the top mental health books to read for 2020. However, I will highly recommend Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson. I have not read it yet, but I am definitely plan to. I’ve read awesome reviews about it and it was many recommended mental health books to read list. Apparently it’s a funny book about the grim side of depression. Nothing like a good laughter to break to manage the depression.
  2. 91mcnE-rYoL._SL1500_Therapy Card Game? – So there is this card game called Cards for Calm. It’s used by counselors, therapists, social workers, and teachers to combat anxiety and negative thinking. It’s a mindfulness therapy game that encourages positive behavior while reducing stress, anger, and worry. Cards for Calm uses techniques from mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy to prompt discussion and different patterns of thinking. It helps to find new ways to deal with confrontation, improve social skills and increase focus.
  3. 46366194._UY500_SS500_FUCK DEPRESSION!!! – It’s an adult coloring book that has nothing but swear words. Get in touch with your artistic side while letting it all out. It’s a great anger management tool and relieves stress. Can’t think of a more fun way to blow of stem.
  4. Journaling is Fun – There is this journal called, Find Your F*cking Happy. It’s an adult journal that provides quotes and help you to be zen. On each page of this delightfully profane journal, you can scribble away the negativity, and open your arms wide to the positivity that you deserve. Give your spirits a boost with a down-to-earth approach to mindfulness journaling!516CmITUcSL._SX365_BO1,204,203,200_
  5. 71WbZePA22L._AC_SL1500_Pill Organizer – Obviously this is for someone who has to take multiple pills to manage their mental illness. A piller organizer can help them to keep in track of everything they need to take daily. Cause trust me, when you’re on the go or constantly doing stuff, you tend to forget to take your antidepressants/mood stabilizer. So this will be a very considerate gift.
  6. 71K6yYvsTlL._AC_SL1100_Essential Oils – They make great gifts! Besides the amazing fragrance of it all, it really help with so many things. If your special someone have insomnia lavender oil can definitely help put them into sleep. It relaxes and soothes when it comes to stress, anxiety, and anger. Trust me, when I say you person would love this! 

  7. Yarn – I know, I know, I know… but learning how to knit or even crochet is a very soothing activity. It keeps the mind active from the unpleasant thoughts that usually runs in a person head. It’s a great way for the person to be creative. And you never know, you might get a free cute hat or scarf out of it in return!  


  8. how-to-hire-a-cleaning-serviceCleaning Services or Help Cleaning – Let’s face it, when someone is depressed ya know the first that goes the tube? Yes, cleanliness. Washing the dishes, taking out the trash, doing laundry and all that, goes out the window! You be surprise how much a person surrounding affects their way of thinking. So a clutter environment will mean a clutter mind. So send a gift card or provide a service or two on your wallet can help your person in the road of getting better.  

  9. 190107_Wellness_Kit_003_750x620At-Home Self-Care Items – I’m all about self care! It’s definitely one of the things a person with mental illness needs in order to get better. So create a self care bag/box yourself. Add a bath bomb, facial masks, a couple of their favorite treats, aromatherapy shower gel, gift card to a spa, and whatever items you think they would love as a way to unwind. So when your person is not feeling their best, they can pull out the bag/box and treat themselves nicely. 

  10. scented-candles-for-stress-reliefCandles – Scented candles can set the tone of someone’s place. You wouldn’t think fragrance can make a big difference, but it does. A certain scent can be a reminder of childhood or and joyous memory. Some scents can just mellow you out and take your mind on vacation. Pick a scent that can transport their thoughts as ease.
  11. Noise-Canceling Headphones – These are so awesome! Especially if you live in the city and things may feel so congested. Noise-canceling can make any intense environment feel less stressful. The anxious feeling melts away once everything is silent and you can focus on your breathing and the small details within your surrounding. I give this idea two thumbs up.  prime-day-headphone-deals-e1531839134720

  12. 71TBZX3KdHL._SX425_Art Supplies – Sometimes the best way to express oneself is artistically. Marker, colorful pencil, paint, crayon, oil pastel… whatever it is, let them go wild and don’t hold them back. It’s a fun and creative way to redirect negative energy. Also, it can be so therapeutic. Of course I would recommend this to any creative friend. 

  13. Light Therapy Lamp – I had mention about holiday blues and seasonal depression on a previous blog. One of my big suggestion is to on my blog entries were to have a light therapy lamps. One of the reasons why someone maybe feeling down is because during the winter we experience less sun. The sun provides a lot of vitamin D, which helps with depression. This lamp is like a mini sun. It can provide the vitamin D that your person needs in order to feel better. This is definitely one of those go to items to have when dealing with winter depression.

  14. ssrco,lightweight_hoodie,mens,black,front,tall_three_quarter,x1000-bg,f8f8f8.u2A Comfy Sweatshirt – It’s that season. Hoodies/sweatshirts for everybody! YAY! You might as well buy an oversize comfy one that will give your person a nice fuzzy feeling inside. Especially a sweatshirt with a positive message to keep them going and remind them that they are a kick ass person. Or a funny one that will have them smiling every time they wear it. 

  15. – I mean, I did just talked about essential oils. You might as well get an infuser to get with it. The scent can travel the whole ass and make the place feel like a spa. Help them turn their frown upside down by getting the difusser. PureMist-Essential-Oil-Diffuser-with-Small-Tree
  16. 2D0ED8BD-9D70-4176-B455-A0EDC662F9F3_2000xWords of Affirmation Cards – When you have a mental illness, the best way to get through the day is positive thinking. But sometimes it’s really hard. These affirmation cards can help your person see that they are a kick ass person and whatever negative thoughts that are running through their head, is completely wrong. I’m sure they will  appreciate the gift. 

  17. Encouragement Keyring – Sometimes just having something positive in your hand can kick start the day or can be a reminder to help get through the day. It’s nice and simple way to show you care. crimson_white_d757d1b7-bb30-4a70-a805-8ec24d409996_large
  18. 61wLFzBUQPL._AC_SL1089_Sticky Notes – Your person can put them on their bathroom mirror, planner, in their lunch bag or whatever. It’s a great way to stay motivated and not to give up hope.
  19. Personalized Books – OH MAH GAAAAHHHD! I love these. When a person is depressed, they feel like nobody cares about them, nobody loves them, and the world would be a better place without them. These books are a fantastic reminder that they are loved and they matter. So no matter how grim the world can get, they can re-read the book and remembered they are things to hold onto. 71mFob5LCVL._SX466_
  20. Weighted Blanket – Do I need to say more? A nice comfy blanket that can make your person not only feel warm but also feel loved and safe. Because we all need to be comforted in the hardest time. Might as well have a blanket to help get through it.
  21. personalized-leather-braceletsCustom Bracelet – A bracelet that has encouraging words to keep going and to never give up is an awesome way to show they have support and they are loved. It’s something special when someone gives a personalized gift. It will be a reminder to the person they are loved and people are by their side.
  22. header-real-imagesTherabox – This is self care, and mental health-themed monthly subscription boxes like Therabox are a fun way to get a regular little boost of happiness and joy in the mail, with included items like candles, bath bombs, happiness challenges, and more.  They would also make a perfect gift to have sent to a loved one!
  23. Therapy Dough – It’s like an adult version of Play Dough. Similar to a stress ball, you can pinch it, squeeze it, squish it, or smush it to relieve stress. It’s fun and awesome for intense moments; especially at work. therapy-dough-300x300
  24. 2bp-TEcAHope Box – It’s a subscription box (that you can give as a gift) that delivers encouragement and hope in the form of handmade and artisan items. Items may include things like candles, lip balm, inspirational cards, jewelry, and more.These kinds of boxes are always popular gifts for someone with depression because one cute and curated box comes with several relevant items, so whether it’s for you or someone else, you have a whole box full of goodies in one place!
  25. 3f30c5ea0bec8994c7c0cc0f58e77c45Your Time – You’re probably going through the list and you’er like, “I can’t afford any of these things!” Relax, that’s cool. Ya know what’s the best gift you can give to your friend, family memeber, an/or lover? Your time. Get together for one night and wear your favorite pajamas. Drink hot coco and eat your favorite snacks, while listening to music that makes yall reminisce on the good times. Select a holiday movie or any movie then end the night just talking about life. One night or day of spending time with one another can be better than any other gift ideas on this list.

I hope my list was helpful on finding a great gift. To be honest some of these stuff I might buy for myself, lol! Anyway, there you have it. Now go be the best Santa you can be, by adulting one day at a time. xoxo



Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Suicide Prevention Live Chat:










8 thoughts on “Mental Health Gifts

  1. Ooo lots of great goodies here! I love sticky notes so these cute memo notes are fab, and I love that keyring 😂Affirmation cards are an interesting one, I’ve thought about picking some of those up for myself (here I go again, looking at gift guides and finding things for me rather than for others!) Great present inspiration!
    Caz xx

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  2. These are the perfect gifts! Usually, I get anxious regarding gift giving because I don’t know what someone will like or if it’s in my budget. I saw a few gifts my loved ones may like and some things I may get myself. Thanks for sharing 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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