Recap – November

Hello my Mich Minions! How are you? You know what time it is. IT’S RECAP TIME!!!  This is when at the end of the month I review how my month have been. If there was any improvements, if I fell back on things, the lessons I have learned and so forth. Like I have explained in every recap entry, I only do this to hopefully inspire you to do the same. To look back at the month and recognize all the blessings you had. Also, the lessons you learned from difficult times. Recap helps us grow and become better for the next month. We might as well end the year with a bang.

This month was definitely better. I have been working out with my trainer on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Then on my own on Thursdays and Fridays. As for eating healthy, I have signed up for this food delivery service. It’s the same concept as Blue Apron. A service that deliveries fresh food to your house and you cook the ingredients they have provided. The only difference between Freshly and Blue Apron, for Freshly the food is already prepared in containers. You just have to microwave the food.  So I get fresh and healthy meals delivered to my house and I don’t have to cook. Also, it’s not expensive! I only have to pay $40 a week for 6 meals of your choice. Eating healthy have become less expensive and more convenient. I love it!

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I have been more active around the house. I’ve been doing my laundry, keeping my room clean, taking out the trash and etc. Heck, today I went shopping to decorate the apartment with Christmas decor! Sometimes I do worry it’s probably my mania, but my manic period is me doing stuff but nothing really productive. I have actually been adulting! The one thing that confirms I was doing better, was the fact my supervisor said, “Hey, I noticed you have been is a more upbeat and energetic spirit lately”

I have to say the eating healthier and working out have been putting me in a better mood. However, I still go through, my morning depression. I still have my anxiety during the day. Also, the occasional insomnia. Although the self care have made me a better mood and motivated me to keep going, it is still not enough to get the funk out. Which reminds me… dating life…

So even though I am talking to a lot of suitors obviously there are some that stand out more than the others. Especially one particular individual. So far, this person seems to be quite a catch. Though I have explained about my mental illnesses and this person seems okay with it, it does make me nervous. They haven’t seen the other side of me yet. The part of me when I ugly cry almost every morning in my bed or in the shower. The part of me that is too depressed or too much of anxiety to go out a lot. The part of me when my mood swings just changes up.

I am not saying I am not myself or being fake. That’s not what I’m saying at all. I have been trying to not let those things get the best of me, because I really like this person and I want to make it work. When I feel like I’m going to rage, I stop myself before it happens and let the person know I am not in a great mental state to have the conversation. Then either later that day or the day we will continue the conversation in a calm mature matter. When I spaz out or get angry because of my OCPD, I immediately apologize and try to do better. When I don’t communicate my thoughts/feelings properly I apologize, explain why I reacted the way I did, take accountability, and try to not let it happen again.

fb_img_1573424261337Now for “normal” people this is not a big deal. This how a mature adult should carry themselves. However, as smart as I am, I am not emotionally mature. These are things I am learning to get better at. These are things I sometimes can prevent and other times I drop the ball. And when the ball is dropped all I can do is say sorry and keep trying to do better. To apply these things with someone you care deeply about is hard, but not impossible. Most importantly it’s worth it. Not only for the romance purpose but also for inner growth. Dating have definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone, but in hind sight, it’s a good thing.

November was definitely the comeback month. Though they were some obstacles, these challenges helped me grow. As well, I felt like I had more wins than failures so that’s a plus. How about you? What did you learn from your pain? What do you feel truly blessed about in the month of November? What are you hope to take with you in the month of December? Leave a comment below. I love to read your thoughts. Until next time my Michy Minions, adult one day at a time. xoxo



Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Suicide Prevention Live Chat:







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