Movie Monday – Joker

If you haven’t seen the Joker movie, I highly recommend that you do. If you have not seen the movie, but planning to, don’t worry I am not going to spoil anything for you. And I’m not trying to give a review of this movie. I am not a movie buff to give a review, but I will give my opinions.

Before I have watched the movie, I heard from someone that people fear that this movie might trigger the wrong thing. After watching it, I don’t think so. I think people who have commented that does not understand mental illnesses and most likely the people who triggers someone to go off the edge. They are afraid of the repercussion of their actions. To that I say, don’t be a shitty person. Point blank.

This movie shows a glimpse of how mental health care system works and how important it is. Also it gives an insight what a person might be going through. It’s easy for most of the world to sit back and say, “Hey, get over it!”, but it’s not as simple. Now I’m not saying this movie is showing exactly an everyday struggle of someone with mental illness. Everybody has their own story, but it give a general concept, which I truly appreciate it. Hopefully it will open people’s eyes.

However, I am not saying this should excuse the extreme violent actions to harm others. There should be accountability of the person’s actions. But, I hope this movie encourages people to support the mental health system and to be more understanding to the mentally ill.

As a huge comic book geek and a big fan of the world of Gotham/Batman, I enjoyed it. I wouldn’t mind to watch it again. Please go watch the movie! Also, I have been thinking about to Movie Mondays. Discussing movies that convey a message of mental health/illness. What do you think? I would love to get feedback. If you have any movies you want to recommend, please comment below. If you have seen the Joker movie, comment below.

Times get tough when trying to manage mental health and we want to cross the line, but with a support system, self care, and healthy coping skills we can get through it. Just have to adult one day at a time. xoxo


If You Need Immediate Help, Please Use The Following:

Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Suicide Prevention Live Chat:






4 thoughts on “Movie Monday – Joker

  1. I’d personally love Movie Mondays, not sure what movies to suggest… The first that comes to mind is “Split” since that one was famous with dealing with multiple personalities, but I’m sure you can look at almost ANY movie and put some kind of mental health spin to it. ❤

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    1. Omg, Split is a great suggestion! I had almost forgotten that movie. I’ll definitely will jot that down. Have you seen the Joker movie? If so, what is your opinion about in regards to mental health?


  2. Movies to recommend: Girl, Interrupted; The Virgin Suicides; One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; Spider. Warning: the first two films involve suicide/suicidal ideation, the last two of these films are quite “heavy” and potentially very upsetting, with scenes of violence; apologies if these therefore aren’t appropriate recommendations; just listing what first came to mind. There was also an old BBC tv series from (I think) the 80s called ‘Taking Over the Asylum’.

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