Happy October! (Recap)

Happy October my Michy Minions! I am so excited about this month. Are you? I decided that I will combine a recap and new month goals together. If you are new to my blog, usually I do a recap at the end of every month, share the lessons I have learned, and what I should improve on. Then a different entry for the new month to discuss what is my goal(s) for the upcoming month.

I do this to encourage people to do the same for themselves. Hopefully, my recap entries encourage people to replay the month in their head. Hope people look back on all the great moments and learn to appreciate them. It helps to stop and smell the roses. For gratitude is one of the cures for anxiety and depression.

Also, I hope it influence others to take all the bad moments as lesson learned. As a reminder that our mistakes and flaws do not define who we are, but to assist us on becoming a better person. We improve from our mistakes, not from perfection. I hope when I do these entries, it influence readers to do the same. Therefore, they can work towards a life self-improvement. With that being said, let’s get started!

One thing I definitely appreciated on the month of September is the fact I try to get out there more than usual. I’m an extremely shy person and very homebody. So I definitely went out more and try to hang out with friend and meet new people. Just a way to enjoy life a little more. I think part of my depression is me always being in the house (besides work). After work and trying to maintain this blog, I just don’t want to do anything. I’m exhausted. I want to be in my little cave and be left alone. Though it’s great to unwind and have down time, it’s nice to have balance. Balancing time to stay at home and relax and being out there with people. It was tricky to find the balance and I’m still learning. Hopefully this month of October I will do better.

As stated on my previous recap, I am back into the dating scene which definitely forces me to be out in the house more often. Dating is fun, exhausting, time consuming, frustrating, and cool all at the same time. Lol! Of course I’m talking to multiple people, but they all demand my time and energy. That’s when the exhausting and time consuming comes from. Unfortunately, 90% of these people are… assholes… That’s the frustrating part. But when you finally find someone who appears to be a nice person and like you for you, then it’s all worth the headache. It is interesting to be dating when I’m still recovery from surgery and still trying to manage my mental and emotional health. I thought because of my mental illness, I will be a very challenging person, but… because 90% of the people out there are jerks. It seems I’m the “normal” one. Lol!

That reminds me of emotional health… I know I have stated I will look for books and tips on improving my emotional health this month. Unfortunately, because of work, dating, and comic con (I’ll explain that later) I have not taken any actions on doing so. I know, I know… I am terrible! This month, I will try to do so. Still a goal I am to trying to achieve.

Back to Comic Con, as you may or may not know, I am a geek! I try to go to Comic Con as much as possible. Usually when I go, I cosplay. Cosplay is dressing up as your one of your favorite comic book, video games, or tv show character. Because I have a plus size body, I usually have to create my cosplay from scratch or piece it together. Hence why lately, there haven’t been a lot of entries lately. Hoping after comic con, everything will go back to normal with this blog.

I will say other than improving my on my emotional health, I need to learn to be disciplined. I use to be a very discipline person; especially during childhood. It feels like the older I get the less discipline I am becoming. I think during the years I was so disciplined, I was a child and my parents made sure there were no room for error. Also going to a catholic school, makes you more discipline. I carried it with me during my college years and a couple years after.

Snapchat-61316627However, I tied discipline as being perfect. That eventually broke me. So I learned to take it easy. In the process, it went so far right, that I went from taking it easy to being lazy. Now that I lost the discipline I once have, it makes my life tougher. I realized lack of discipline makes my depression worse. If I don’t discipline myself to maintain a healthy lifestyle, then my depression will become worse. Therefore, I need to figure out a way to motivate myself to stay on track. As I stay on track, it will help with my depression.

So I will be looking and reading for books on this subject matter. Of course try to find any videos that can aid me through the process. Try to come up with my own techniques along the way. In order for me to be a decent adult I need these skills to help me progress in my journey on becoming a better. I am very keen on developing this side of me, because I want to be more independent. If I have these tools in my hand, no matter how depressed or manic I am, I can still move forward to the right direction.

So, what have you learned in the month of September? What moment will you cherish the most in the month of September? What are your goals or what are you looking forward to in October? Please comment below. I love reading them! Remember to adult one day at a time. xoxo










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