Happy September

Happy September y’all! We made it! It’s crazy how we’re already toward the end of the year. I was even having a conversation with a coworker saying how the beginning of the year moved so slow, but as soon April stepped in, we have been in full blast. Is it just me or do you feel the same way?

Well, I’m going to keep this short. I think because I have said a lot on my previous post, Recap – August, there is not much for me to say on this post. For the new month I am going to try to work on my emotional health. I have watched a few TedTalks on this topic. Soon I will be looking for tips and try to find books in order to help me along the process. When I do my recap for September, I will let you know how it worked out.

The other goal I want to try to achieve is to be more vulnerable. I’m all about actions speak louder than words, but I fail to realize not everybody speaks the same when it comes to emotions. Some people need to hear you say that you care and that you like them. That’s not my cup of tea to do so… I didn’t grow up in an environment that expressed tenderness a lot. Also, I was literally told by my parents many times to keep my emotions to myself. As well, I have been hurt many times when I show a tiny display of affection. I realize now, if I want something and I want to keep it, I must open up that side a little more.

This is going to be harder than training myself to say sorry. It was so much easier learning to say sorry, because it was something I wished my parents would have done to me in the past, but failed to do. And I didn’t want to become my parents, so I cut  the bad habit immediately. However, not showing a lot vulnerability was something that had also bothered me about my parents. So why can’t I break that as easily? I really don’t know, but it’s something I will have to eternally explore this month and finally improve on.

So those are my main goals for this month. Wish me luck! What about you? What are your self improvement goals for September? Lose 5 lbs? Get a new job or a promotion? Try new medication? Get better at communicating your thoughts? Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone? Study better for school? I can go on and on, but you catch my drift. Comment below. Love to see what you have to say. Remember, you can do this! You just have to adult one day at a time. xoxo












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