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I haven’t done Man Crush Monday in a while. I know I have discussed about men and mental health a few times on this blog; especially black men. Just want to shed light on one of my favorite comedians, Trevor Noah. Most people would know him as the host of the Daily Show from Comedy Central. I personally thinks he’s hilarious and find his perspective of things intriguing. You wouldn’t think he deals with depression, but as we learned from the wonderful Robin Williams, even the jokers have their moments.

Trevor Noah didn’t realize he had depression until Jim Carey (another great comedian) had point it out for him. According to News 24, this was his explanation,

“I found a way to build a community and that’s what this place is – it’s a community of people trying to do something,” he said. The comedic legend was one of the first to open up about what most comedians secretly go through, the SA-born star added. “Jim Carrey was one of the first comedians that described the beast that many of us face in this room and that’s depression,”

“You can’t win at comedy. Every comedian knows: you’re going to have your good days, you’re going to have your bad days, but you don’t win. Winning is getting to the end without committing suicide.” Trevor also mentioned that many people do not believe that comedians can suffer from depression because “they are always telling jokes”.

“You know what’s funny about depression, though, is people go, ‘If you’re depressed, you can’t smile, if you’re depressed you can’t tell jokes,’ but as comedians, that’s the one thing most comedians share is that monkey on the back of depression.” Later that night Trevor posted a picture of him and his idol taking a selfie after the awards show.

I hope this has encourage more men to take their mental health seriously. It’s not a laughing matter (pun intended). With all jokes aside (pun not intended), please create a support system, gain positive coping skills, and practice self care to continuously improve your mental health. You can do it, by adulting one day at a time.



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