Emotional vs. Mental Health

So I have done a recap on what have been going on in my life while I took a break. If you haven’t read it, CLICK HERE. But one thing I did leave out is my observation about logic vs emotions. I kinda just joke to myself and say it’s in my astrological charts. Cause my sun sign is Gemini (logic) and my Mars & Mercury is on Cancer (emotion). So I tend to have this eternal war between reacting to things emotionally or logically. Most of the time, I pick logic. Sometimes it’s works out, but majority of the time… it has not! Lol!

As I sat there and contemplate, my mind begins to travel more into the mental health aspect of it. I begin to think where is the line between mental and emotional. Is there a line? Or is it a cause and effect? Or is it something that the two occasionally cross paths, but rarely. So it had me digging deeper and trying to find some answers. And what I have read and watched, had blown my mind and fascinated me.

There is a difference! And you (in general) have been messing the two up. But don’t feel bad, even many mental health “experts” and bloggers (including myself) have been making this mistake. So what’s the difference? Mental health carters more to people that has borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and any personality disorders. Emotional health is more about anxiety, stress, and non-chronic depression.

The best analogy would be a computer. Think of the brain being the hardware and the emotional is the software. If our hardware is damaged, we can’t run any program from it, until we have sought medical treatment. But the software, our emotional minds, can be put onto another system, reprogrammed, and updated, through therapy. Now don’t get it twisted! Something like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), goes untreated, can become chronic.

So in simple terms, someone with mental illness who has a psychosis develops delusions, hallucinations, or paranoia, is trying to manage their mental health. Whereas, neurosis (emotional) does not have delusions or hallucinations. Why is this information important? Because people would have an easier time to find the help they need. The more people can tell the difference, the faster they can resolve their issues. I mean, G.I. Joe said it best… knowing is half the battle. Of course, the other half is adulting one day at a time! 😀 xoxo



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