Get That D!

That’s what she said! Lol! Okay, now that I have gotten the immature joke out of my system, we can finally begin this blog. If you follow me on my social media platforms will will know that I’m all about self care; especially on Sundays. Sometimes on Sundays I would post videos on my IG channel on different types of self care regimens. Since I am still recovering from my surgery, I can not post a video today. However, I can post a blog entry!

I have briefly mentioned in my post, Summertime Sadness, on how vitamin D can help with depression. For today’s topic, we will explore that little more. I know they are some readers out there who wants more of natural way to help with their depression. I have published an entry, Natural Antidepressant, on one of the ways to help to fight depression without pills. However, I did not mention about implementing vitamin D into your diet.

Vitamin D may be an effective treatment for depression, because it can alter neurotransmitter synthesis rates. What all those big words means? In simple terms, it can help change your mood. There were studies that have shown people with extremely low vitamin D are most likely depressed. I for one, can vouch for that, because I have low vitamin D. Mine is so low that over the counter vitamin D does not work. I need the special high dosage to get from the pharmacist. On an unrelated note, low vitamin D can increases your chance with cancer, which is something I have also been battling with.

Try to add food that has plenty of vitamin D; like orange juice, egg yolk, mushroom, fatty fish, milk, cheese and etc. If you don’t like any of those foods or that’s not enough vitamin D intake, you can also try vitamin D pills. If you’re not sure if you’re low on vitamin D go to the doctor and get blood work. It will let the doctor know if you’re too high, average, or low. If low, the doctor can give you the proper amount of dosage that you specifically need. I hope my entry has helped. I added a short video for more information. Please take care of yourself not only on Sundays, but everyday. Remember, self care is part of adulting one day at a time. Thanks for reading! xoxo




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6 thoughts on “Get That D!

  1. My doctor and I have been experimenting recently with what vitamins I take. Some of my levels have been quite high, so the thought was I was able to gain the nutrients I needed through the foods I was eating. I was questioning that but thought ok and I went for it. Two vitamins I am now taking again are D3 and B12. D3 is important for your bones & teeth, support your immune system, your lungs, and cardiovascular health. As we age we usually have a more difficult time maintaining our Vit. D levels.

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    1. Yes, that’s why it’s good to obtain as much vitamin D as possible. Thanks for the additional information! Hope you come by a read more mental health blog posts.


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