Wednesday’s Wisdom

Screenshot_20181006-163641_InstagramI haven’t done Wednesday’s Wisdom is a while! I will try to bring is back as much as possible. Happiness is really an inside job, but I feel when people hear that, they misinterpret it in other ways. They figure if they improve everything that surrounds them, then they will feel better. I’ve seen people get a better job, earn more money, go back to school, find the love of their life/left a toxic relationship, and have improve their relationship with family and friends, but they still have moments of not being happy. They question themselves, “Why is that? I have fixed/fixing my problems. I should be happy” And this where people get it all wrong. They think career, how much income, and relationships are things to make them happy. In contrary, it’s making sure your mental, spiritual, and emotional state is at peace. You can improve stressful situations to bring some relief and purpose to your life, but how can you fully appreciate those things if you are not mentally and emotionally stable? Don’t get me wrong. I am a fan of self-improvement. Making your circumstances better is a wonderful thing. You should keep going in your journey of doing so. However, those things are for your outer state. You need to work on your inner state for happiness. First, dig truly deep within. Try to find your inner peace and freedom from your inner demons. Then, and only then, everything else will come full circle. Not saying all the accomplishments are not worth it, or something not to be proud of; an achievement is an achievement. That is something to be happy about. All I’m saying, don’t depend on them solely, because we are more than that. We are beings with souls. Listen and feed your soul. That’s where your true happiness lies. It’s within you. I hope my words have brought some comfort, insight, and enlightenment for you to manifest to best version of yourself. Of course, for some people, listening to your soul/spirit is a little bit more difficult. You may need hearing aid because the voice may sound faint, hahaha! But you can do it by adulting one day at a time. xoxox




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