Summertime Sadness

Besides Summertime Sadness being one of Lana Del Rey’s most popular song, it is a real thing. As I mentioned in my previous blog entry, Whoops, I suffer from seasonal depression. But my seasonal depression is during the summer time. Weird, I know. Most people who does suffer from seasonal depression has it during the winter time. It logically makes sense. It’s more gloomy during the day and it becomes darker in an earlier time frame. Leaving people with less exposure to the sun; which provides a lot of vitamin D that helps with not only immune system, but also mental health.

However, summer seasonal depression is a bit odd, because there is more exposure to the sun. Though it’s odd, it is a common thing to many of people.  LIKE ME!!! **jazz hands** Yes, I can get a bit Wednesday Addams during what suppose to be “the most incredible season of the entire year!” **hard eye roll** While everyone is blasting Will Smith’s Summertime and joy across their face, I’m most likely playing, guess what? Yes, Lana Del Rey’s classic song. But if you’re like me, grab a fabulous umbrella to shun that annoying sun out ya face, as I take you on a journey on how to manage YOUR **dramatic pause** summertime sadness… YAY!

First tip is to manage to stay cool. Drink cool beverages and make sure the air conditioner/fan is running. Another tip is to avoid or reduced the sun’s light by applying plenty of sun screen. Also, wear sun glasses and hats that provide shade to your face. If you really want to take an extra step, then bring an umbrella to protect you. Keep in mind that your devices are included in light exposure. Change your settings from use of blue light exposure. As well, hang up black out curtains in your room. Not only to keep away light, but to help with sleep.

Leads me to my third tip. Keep your schedule bedtime. I know during the summer, the sun is out longer, so we tend to stay up later. Try to maintain the same sleeping schedule. Having a proper amount of sleep affects your mood. Especially if you have been diagnosed with a mood disorder. Lack of sleep or inconsistent amount of sleep can make your depression worse. That reminds me of making sure you have your beauty rest; self care! I know I said it a million times and I will say it a million times more. Self care is important in managing seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Make time to eat healthier, exercise, and take meds as your doctor instructed.

Oh and as pills are concern, ask your doctor if taking melatonin booster pills. Melatonin is hormone like glad your body produces that give your body an “eternal clock”, eg: when to sleep, eat, and wake up. Taking melatonin pills can get your body more align with timing during the day. If you’re not into pills, you can find melatonin within food. It’s in almonds, bananas, tomatoes, spinach and etc. Find recipes that includes food with melatonin and you should be heading to the right direction.

Last but not least, don’t isolate yourself! I know days that has intense heat, you may want to stay inside to prevent being melted like the Wicked Witch of the West. Understandable! I’m the same way too. But you should leave the house once in a while. You don’t have to do outdoor activities under the sun. Hangout at your friend’s house for a game night. Spend time at you parent’s place for brunch. Invite people over to your house to do something fun. Whatever to your liking, do it! Just make sure you make some type of human connection once in a while.

Well… there you have it! My tips on managing your summer time sadness. If you have summer seasonal depression but manage it differently, please share by commenting below. If you do have seasonal depression, but it’s during the winter time, I do have tips on managing that as well. Click here to read the article if you’re interested. If you find this entry intriguing, insightful, or entertaining, please like and share this post. If you want more mental health advice and overall inspiration/motivation to get you through the day, please follow my social media accounts that are listed below. I can’t leave this blog without putting Lana’s video up. And don’t worry, you can tackle the heat by adulting one day at a time! xoxo





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5 thoughts on “Summertime Sadness

  1. Me too! I also have summertime sadness. I usually work too hard in the early summer in my yard and by July I’m depressed. This year I didn’t work as hard and avoided the usual July depression. Yeah!

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  2. Great post and by the way, Lana is one of my favourite artists. Summertime sadness is truly a real thing. You’ve given some really practical advice on how to deal with it. Good job 👍🏼


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