Press Play

Hello all my Michy Minions! Just a quick announcement. I have finally bought and received a brand new laptop. I am sssooo excited. Definitely will be posting more often. This is awesome news! However, my health is still not that great. I’m hoping to really spit some entries out around September. Don’t fret, in the meantime, I will continue to enter some posts, but it will be sporadically. As I have stated on my previous entry, follow me on my social media to get daily quotes, relate-able memes on depression, and of course videos of tips on managing mental health. Actually, I did post a 2 part video on my Instagram channel about self care tips for men. It would be great if you watch, like, and/or share the videos. I have provided the links below. Until then, remember to adult one day at a time! xoxo

Self-Care Tips For Men:

Part 1Part 2






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