If you have been following my social media, I have made an announcement that I will be taking a pause on writing blog entries. It was already challenging to post entries without having a working laptop. Now, my physical health is slowly declining, which makes it harder to travel to the library on a blog post. Again, this is just a pause. I will be up and running. When is the real question. That I don’t have the answer to. It’s until either my physical health gets better or I managed to get a laptop. Maybe both. However, follow my social media for other things like quote of the day, mental illness memes, and tips on managing your mental health. Thanks for your understanding. I love you all!

PS – Keep adulting one day at a time!



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13 thoughts on “PAUSE

  1. Oh, no! I will miss your blog posts! But I get it. I will follow you on the dreaded social media. Sigh. I can’t do too much of that. Makes me crazy. But I’ll follow ya anyway and wish you the best in health. See you soon!

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