Recap – May

I have done a recap last month and I have decided to do it every month. I think everybody should pause, reflect, and meditate about things that have happened, toward the end of the month. It’s a way to reevaluate all that have happened and see what to focus on for the upcoming new month. So if there were any bad experiences sit down and really try to look at the situation in a non-bias point of view and look for the lesson in those moments. Those lessons can help you toward your fresh start on the new month. However, let’s not disregard the amazing moments that have happened. Let those moments be your gratitude and help you fuel on becoming a better person.

Actually, now as I’m typing this out, I just came up with an idea. Write down your top 5 horrible circumstances for the past month. If you don’t have that many, it’s okay, just jot it down. Next to each unpleasant moment, write down what you have learned from it. Again, don’t be bias, don’t be a hater, don’t draw negative forces into it. Be honest, sincere, and humble about your answers. Get a close friend to help you out if it’s too difficult. When you’re done, tell yourself that you will work on whatever it is you need to be better at.

Now, write down your top 5 greatest experiences for the past month. Again, if you don’t have that many, no worries, just do it! Next to each moment, write down what made it so special, why was it so significant, who you shared it with, and how it shape your month/life. This will give you perspective on who’s really important in your life, what really brings you genuine joy, and not to take life for granted.

img_44572152943760888385276.jpgI’ll share one of my bad moment for the month. It’s not really a moment per say, but it’s how I have been feeling. This month I have been doing better. I have been going to the gym twice a day, my career is slowly improving at my “new” job, and I have been doing adult responsibilities more than usual; like laundry, meal prep, and etc. You would think because of these improvements I would feel better in my life. But I don’t. I actually feel worse. So now knowing this, I have learned that even though I have grown a stronger discipline in taking care of myself and chores, does not guarantee me happiness. From that lesson, I realize I need to still increase my discipline, but find people/things that will bring more joy into my life.

And I like to try to end my blog in a high note. So the one awesome moment, is when my best friend of almost 25 years, graduated college and now is officially a RN. It took her 12 years to get there. She had to work 2 or 3 jobs (depending on the semester) to get herself through college, she had to retake courses, and battle through her own personal issues. To be apart of her journey, and see her keep going, was such an inspiration. She is a strong woman, and I’m so proud and honor to know her, and be her friend. She have been there for me many times and no amount of words and money can repay for any of that. The least I can do, was to be her biggest fan, by screaming her name like a groupie in an Usher concert, as she walks to the podium, to earn her well deserved degree. Can’t wait to continue our friendship next month by celebrating my birthday together and try to be as fierce as her.

So… what are one of your best/terrible moments this month? How are you planning to improve next month? I love when people comment. Please comment below. Until then, remember to adult one day at a time.






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5 thoughts on “Recap – May

  1. Hi Michy — A good experience in adulting has been learning more about the household finances instead of leaving them to my husband. It is frustrating but it is better I learn now should something happen to him and I have no clue about it later.

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  2. I love that phrase – “adult one day at a time”. I’ve been pretty hard on myself this past month, and the circumstances haven’t been great. I want to try your suggestion of reflecting on the past month.
    I too have been better about discipline but it’s not made me feel better either. Maybe I should give myself a break some days!


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