Gemini Boy

I do think I have ever share this on my blog before, but I am a huge dan of astrology. I find it fascinating, because I am always intrigued about human behavior and what makes an individual act certain way and their traits. I believe their environment, how were they raise, the time era, religion, race, sexual orientation, class and gender, determines how a person personality and their perception to the world. I take all that into consideration, but I also like to add astrology into the the list. I mean, why not? We are made up of stars. Why not look into the sky for an additional answers? But that’s just me.

Of course, I did not make this random post to discuss about celestials. I am here to say happy birthday to my nephew. He’s a Gemini like me. So in some cases we are a like. I will admit I hold a closer connection with him compare to my other nieces and nephews, because he use to live close. I was there to drive my brother and sister-in-law to the hospital when he was born. I was there to hold him. I was there to watch him grow from a tiny baby to a lively todler.

He is growing up fast and I miss being around him alot. I always say he’s one guy that can never break my heart. I love him very much and I hope he has beautiful birthday. Happy Birthday my Gemini boy.

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