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Before I start, I just want to say Happy Birthday to my father. If you read my blog entry, Let’s Start From The Beginning, you take a quick glimpse of our complicated relationship. Nevertheless, he is my dad and he did what he thought was best. I will dedicate this quote to him. He is one of the reasons why I stay strong and persistent. He taught me that no matter what issue I’m facing, I am the answer to solve it.
Screenshot_20181006-163524_InstagramLove this quote! “I am my problem, but also my solution” So as much as we are hard on ourselves for our lives not being so great, we can lift ourselves to be awesome. Stop beating yourself up for all the mistakes and everything that have happened in the past. Time to look within you and find the courage to pull yourself out of darkness. Look at yourself in the mirror as not a failure in life, but a survivor. Think of the little victories. Take those moments and say, “I can do this. I will do this. And nothing can stop me” This is the best part of the story. In this story, you’re your own hero. This is when you get up and defeat your demons. This is the moment when you shine. But it all falls on you. Are you going to let the problem ruin you or strengthen you? You decide.


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