Thirsty Thursday

Yes, it’s that time of year when majority of us take that vow to lose weight and to adapt into a healthier lifestyle. I am all for it. I have said it many times before, and I will say it again,  self care is extremely vital when having mental illness. A person can see a therapist and take his/her meds, but without exercise, proper sleep, and healthy eating, it kind of cancels it out.

So, I’m a huge fan of Pinterest. What I have been curious about is detox water. It’s very simple. You don’t need to buy a blender or anything. Just put some fruits and veggies in a drinking jar or bottle, fill it up with water, and let it refrigerate over night. Next day, drink the citrus refreshing flavor of water. If you want, eat the fruits when it’s done instead disposing it in the trash. That’s it!

Drinking detox water helps people who aren’t water fans to drink more water, because of the taste. Also, it can improve your depression mood and energy. Definitely something to try if you suffer from morning depression. That improve mood can give you a little boost to encourage you to kick start your day. I know I had started toward the end of 2018, but I paused because I didn’t like the bottle I was using. It was tricky putting things in the bottle and more difficult to take it out.

I suggest you go online or do what I did! Pinterest! Look up some recipes. I will occasionally put some recipes that I have personally tried and enjoyed on the blog. I will give you my thoughts about it, so at least you’re not just getting a recipe, but someone’s opinion too. If you have any recipes that you want me to try, please leave a comment or CONTACT ME . I would love to try it! Remember, adult one day at a time!

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