Because You Are Awesome!

Currently, my self-esteem is the highest it has ever been. I become to accept my body no matter what size and weight it is. I have come to appreciate my flaws and quirkiness. I have learned to not be ashamed of my past and whatever struggles I am in. I am humbled by all the experiences and love all the lessons I have learned. This is what gained my confidence.

However, don’t get it twisted. I definitely struggle with my self-esteem time to time. I am human after all. To get to the point I am at right now, it was years in the making. I am also still learning and improving on that. I believe my self-esteem can be higher and it will. For me, it’s just a matter of time.

But here are some tips I have picked up along the way. I thought it would be nice to share and I hope these tips will help you.

  1. Take A Chill Pill – Yo, homie…. chill the fuck out. Life is a bitch and it’s unfair, but hang it there. It’s not the end of world! We are all trying to get through this shitty world. It’s fine to feel like shit, like you are nothing, like everything is wrong because seriously, what’s the big deal? Everyone feels like that once in a while. Even the most attractive, confident person has their insecurities, their low moments. If you do too, it just means you’re human and that’s a wonderful thing indeed.
  2. Focus on Yo’Self – Usually people that have low self-esteem is because they are in the lowest part of their life. So what do you gotta do? Try to fix the things that are weighing you down? Are you fat? Lose weight or enjoy the sexy rolls and muffin top that god blessed you with! Hate your job? Get a new job! Broke as fuck? Get a job! Got one? Get a job that pays more or get a side hustle. Can you say Uber? But as you focus on yourself, remember it’s not a race. Do it on your own pace. It’s a process. But as you go along in your journey, you will start to feel better about yourself and your life.
  3. Confidence Within – Look atcha self! Go a head! Look! What do you see? If all you’re thinking is negative bullcrap, then you need to stop! You’re your own issue in this case. Maybe you seek validation about you and your life from other people. It doesn’t matter what these people say or think, it matters what you say and think about yourself. You are your own stamp of approval. Forget everybody else! Because this is YOUR life and only you can make yourself happy. Most importantly, it’s your story, and nobody knows your story as well as you do. So fuck everybody else! You do you boo boo. Remember, keep thinking you’re a bag of chips and them some. Cause you are! *snap


  1. Throw Garlic At The Haters – Haters are like vampires. Just want to suck all of that goodness from you. Keep them away. Also, people who are very negative. You need positive people in your life that will love and support you. So those moments you doubt yourself and throw the towel down, they pick up that towel, smack you in the face with it, and remind you how awesome you are. Your support system is key.
  2. Fake It Till You Make It – I’m not a huge a fan of this. I’m a strong believer of making it so you don’t have to fake it. But sometimes, it’s difficult; especially when it comes to your confidence. Insecurities can get the best of you. Keep looking at yourself in the mirror and believe all the positive affirmations you are telling yourself. Because you are pretty/handsome. You are smart. You are nice. You are a wonderful human being. At first it will be hard to believe, but act like it’s so. Fuel the positive energy and it will become so.

Well… that’s all of it. I really hope it does help you out. Especially, now that we are going into a new year. You need to believe that you are an amazing before kick starting the new year. Don’t wait until the new year to start. START NOW! So when you go achieve your goals, there is no doubt. You can adult one day at a time, just as love you believe you can.

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