I haven’t been posting a lot lately for two reasons. One, I have a lot of ideas, but I’m saving them for next year. So get ready for 2019! This blog is going to be interesting… Second, I have been a little down, because I’m getting stressed out about my health. I have mention about my concerns about my mental health, but also my physical health.

On 2015, I had ovarian cancer. Treatment ended on 2016. I have been cancer free since then. Well… until now… I have not been feeling well and some of the symptoms I had when I had the cancer have returned. So I took two blood work. Let me remind you, I don’t have insurance. So both doctor appointments and blood works I had to pay out of pocket. Which causes me to feel overwhelm with my finances.

I just received the blood work for the first test. Everything have seen fine except one thing, which is an indicator of the cancer returning. If the second blood work comes out fine, then everything can be easily taken care of in a less drastic manner. If the result is not that great, then I will need to take an ultra sound and MRI to check for further confirmation. Which will lead to chemo/radiation all over again.

snapchat-16855234087435032300912581964.jpgI’m trying to not jump to the gun. Trying to be positive and keep my cool. However, it’s difficult to do so when juggling other situations at the same time. But I keep self care as a main goal for myself in order for me to manage situations better. Eating healthier, being psychically active, tune myself away from the world, pamper myself and etc. I believe taking these actions have helped me be in a better mood.

I am also grateful for my new job. For about 8 yrs, work have been the number 1 stress. My new job is so great for my mental health that, my outlook about my life and myself have improve immensely. Little stuff that have stressed me out before have no longer have a control me. Because all the anxiety and stress from my job would usually carry to my personal life. Though I have made progress to cut that back, it still was weighing me down.

So with a new job and practicing self care, I have manage to keep calm in this chaotic period of my life. As well, this blog… Writing entries, having people read, comment, and email me to discuss about my post is helpful too. Thanks for reading and sticking it out. Thanks for sharing my post. Thanks for your emails, whether it’s for asking for help and sending criticisms/compliments. I love every feedback. So thank you!

I am planning a special entry real soon, until then try to adult one day at a time.

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