Giving Thanks

snapchat-17577800858910810188370653900.jpgHello everyone! This is of course, Only Michy. I just want to take the time out to say Happy Thanksgiving! I really hope you are enjoying this day and this holiday weekend. I know this time of year is hard for a few. Please take the time out to read my entries, Seasonal Depression and Holiday Blues. Hopefully, it will assist you on how to cope this time of year.

However, I am not here to discuss anything about mental health. I just want to take a break to share what I am thankful for. I will admit, figuring out what I’m thankful for is very difficult for me. I have depression, so when someone is depressed it’s hard to see the light in anything. Therefore, blessings usually goes blind sided.

So I was really sitting here thinking, “What am I thankful for?” Call me crazy cat lady, but my cat Checkers come to mind (read Checkers to know why). I am thankful for the opportunities and future possibilities that have/will enter in my life. I have been struggling a lot, especially in my 20s. So it feels nice that things are slowly turning around.

Most importantly, I am so thankful for you. Yes, you! My readers and commenters. To the people that share my entries on their social media profile. I feel so blessed when people come to this site and read my content. I love receiving emails and private messages on social media on how you appreciate a specific post(s). I am so grateful for all the readers I have now and future.

So what are you thankful for? Please comment. I love it when people share their thoughts. Otherwise, remember to adult one day at a time. Bye! **gobble**gobble**

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