Seasonal Depression

I think it’s the perfect time to get into this topic for obvious reasons. It is fall time and winter is around the corner. Usually what happens for most people around this time of the year is that they get seasonal depression or the more clinical term, seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Due to lack of sun, change of time, and the holidays, some people tend to be more depressed. It’s not unusual and it’s very common.

I do suffer from SAD, but instead of the common fall/winter season, I get more depressed during the summer time. That’s kinda odd, since it’s the complete opposite to the “normal” SAD. What can I say? Lana Del Rey’s Summer Time sadness was written for unique individuals like myself. Lol! When the time comes around I will give my tips on how to manage seasonal affective disorder during the summer time.

For now, I thought for self-care Sunday, it would be best to share this following video that can help you, or someone you know, to take care of oneself. It’s very important to be inform and learn as much tips as possible to get through this timeframe smoothly. I do acknowledge holidays gets people a little down and I will get into the subject soon. As of now, please watch the video.



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