Natural Antidepressant

In the United States, one in 10 adults, struggles with depression. Usually, a common way to treat the condition is by using antidepressant medications. However, meds aren’t the only way to resolve the issue. There have been many research that proves exercise is also an effective treatment. Some people feel like it works just as well as pills. “How?”, you may ask?

Working out creates natural endorphins. Endorphins are hormones that your body produces to ease pain and make you feel calm and happy. Therefore, decreasing the affect of depression. Exercise even helps with insomnia. People that are usually up late at night is because of anxiety. Being physically active reduces the anxiety and tired the body into exhaustion. This is why some people prefer this more natural way of managing their mental illness.

Am I saying to obtain this natural “high” you must sign up for the gym? No. If you want to, go ahead! But if the gym is not your scene, then there are other ways to build up your endorphins. Dancing or taking dance classes is one way. Playing Dance Dance Revolution or any video game that gets you physically moving is fun way. Also, playing a friendly game of sport with friends/family is another exciting activity. Or a simple 30 minutes can do it too! Whatever is your preference.

But keep in mind exercise alone isn’t enough for someone with severe depression. For people with more severe cases, being physically active can work with the pills as if there are partners cracking a case. This team work is as good as Starsky and Hutch, lol! Cheesy, I know…. but it’s true.

This why I try my very best to stay active as much as possible. I hope you take the action to get more active as well. If you decide to, that’s great! I wish you the best of luck! By the way, it’s not a competition and baby steps. If you’re already active, kudos to you! What activities do you do to keep in shape? I personally love dancing and running on the treadmill. Please share! Remember, exercising is a slow progress. But if you stay focus and patient, the adulting one day at a time gets easier.

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