Man Crush Monday – Kevin Love

My man crush is Kevin Love. I have been looking forward to discuss his story for some time. Even before getting into the topic about Michael Phelps (Medals and Depression). The same way I have found out about Michael Phelps, is the way I found out about Kevin Love. I was watching tv and there was Kevin Love discussing about his battle with mental illness.

copilot-style-201503-1423845949781_kevin-love-gq-magazine-march-2015-04Here is this basketball player that is truly open about his struggles with depression. He sits there with no shame, but yet so humble. I admire and appreciate it so much. I was hoping it would encourage more men to come into the light about their hardship that they try to keep in the dark. Kevin continues to advocate for mental illnesses and trying to break the stigma.

I’m bringing this up about men and depression, because men have a 4x greater rate than women in committing suicide. Actually, in recent years, 75% of suicides have been men. Also, 50% of men will NOT seek out treatment for their mental illnesses. With all these alarming statics, why isn’t men seeking treatment or reaching out for help?

Besides the stigma that comes along with mental illness, it’s the whole idea of not appearing weak. Men have this notion of “manning up”. They will get through any situation that is handed to them, but they just need to toughen up to get through it. However, many fail to see, if there is an issue that is seriously affecting their sleep, the way the eat, interest, focus, and feeling lonely, that’s when talking to someone is important.

copilot-style-201503-1423845949771_kevin-love-gq-magazine-march-2015-01If you are a man, and you are reading this, please… please… talk to somebody. It won’t make you weak or less of a man. You won’t be a burden to anybody. This won’t change your love ones point of view of who you are as a person. If it does, do you really want someone like that in your corner while going through tough times? When I was watching the interview of Kevin Love, they have asked him about Dwayne Wade thoughts about it. Kevin express how thankful that Dwayne have been by his side and have been supporting him through this. He stated that Dwayne is proud of him and doesn’t think of him any different. Dwayne still sees Kevin as a teammate and a friend. Now, that’s the kind of support system that anyone with mental illness needs.

I hope guys like Kevin Love will encourage you to get the help you need. If you think your husband, boyfriend, brother, or friend is going through something, please be there for them. Show them that there are other men that are suffering just like them, but they can get through it too. I hope the video below helps. Remember, being a man is learning to adult one day at a time.


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