Medals and Depression

Okay, so today I was going to do Thankful Thursday and talk about what I’m thankful about. But screw it! **crumble paper and toss it in the can**

Why I changed my mind? This morning as I was getting ready for work, I was watching the news. Michael Phelps stopped by and openly discussed his struggle with depression. Here is this athletic guy who have won 28 medals; 23 of them being gold. He is the most decorated athlete in Olympic history! However, during his success he was battling with mental illness.

I know a couple of days ago I have mention high functioning depression, (Truth?) and how to cope with it (Dysthmia). So when I saw this on the news, I thought this is a perfect example of what I have mentioned on my previous entries. Someone who is able to manage to go through life successfully, but still feel hopeless, lonely, and/or suicidal.


What makes me even more passionate about writing this, is not only of his fame and success, but the fact he is a man. When it comes to mental illness men are usually in the shadows (especially minority men). I will elaborate more about the topic in a later entry. But I appreciate the fact, that this man, came forward, and admit of having depression.  I appreciate more that he proved it does not make you weak, or less of a man to talk about your emotions and thoughts.

We need that message to be louder within the male community in the world of mental illness. Please watch the interview I have watched this morning. I hope it encourage more men to be vocal and seek out treatment. I also hope it open other people’s eyes about depression.


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