One of the reasons of having anxiety and depression, and feeling anxious and stress, is control. Sometimes we try to control everything, because it assures us that everything will be fine, and that things in our lives would be better and happier. However, when you try to control everything, you lose enjoying the moment. You’re just too busy managing everything and everyone, that you lose sight of what really matters in life. Also, it’s impossible to control everything. All you have control of is yourself.


So when negativity confronts you, don’t think about, “if I had control of the situation then this wouldn’t have happened” No! Think about, “how can I proceed from this point on?” How you react to what is thrown at you, is the only thing you can manage. People think there’s power in being in control. No, the power is how you respond. Your reaction to the unpredictable is what gives you power. Once you understand life is not made to be perfect, you become aware that trying to control everything is redundant. Cause that’s when you realize the real power is not control, it’s letting go. Once you let go of trying to manage everything, you find yourself in a more peaceful state of mind…

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