Motivational Monday

pToday was my 1st day that I started my promotion. It was mix emotions. I felt proud of myself, because I demanded the promotion. I knew my self worth and what a valuable asset I am. So I had to fight for it. As a black woman in a corporate world that’s what you have to do sometimes. A wise woman said, “if you don’t have a seat on the table then bring your own chair” I didn’t bring my chair. I brought my throne. Though there are MANY people on that table that may not like it, I don’t care. I come to bring it. Almost 2 yrs they try to keep me away, but I did it. It may have taken longer time compare to others, but it doesn’t matter now. The point is I have arrive. It was also brought to my attention that I’m the 1st black woman in 20 yrs to get this far. Ironically, the last black woman was my boss. It dawn upon me, that not only I was fighting for myself, but I am fighting for the other black women. My boss probably had tougher time than I had, but because she have reached the plateau she have earned, she has the power to hire more black women; which she has. Unfortunately, due to “politics” many have not gone as far as I have. I’m the only one left standing and still pushing. This acknowledgement have not only humbled me, but push me to be greater. I appreciate the smiles and the nods, of pride and joy, from the older black women in other departments. It’s a sign of empowerment and sisterhood. This moment is not taken for granted. I just hope I have enough mental strength to keep going as I shatter the glass ceiling one day at a time.


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