My Sunday

A friend asked me why am I up since 5 AM and what was I doing. I replied stating I like to start my day early in the weekends (makes the weekend longer) and I can take of things. Friend keeps bothering of the things I needed to care of. I broke it down like this…


– Meditation/Contemplation
Woke up and think about my week. What were my mistakes? How should have approached it? Could I have done it better? If so, how? Did I manage to accomplish everything I needed to do this week? What did I not achieve? Why I didn’t achieve it? How can I do better next time in order to succeed my goals? What did I accomplish? How did I felt? What ere the results? Etc. etc. etc.

– Making a schedule
Planning out this week. What do I need to do? Professionally, mentally, physically, emotionally, mentality, spiritually and etc. Little things like throwing out the trash to big stuff like attending to a business meeting. Every goal not matter how big or small is just as important as the other. Every goal matter. As I schedule my week in my planner, I embedded into my brain that “all these tasks are important, because my future is important, most importantly… I’m important” Yes, a cellphone has calendars, but for me writing something on paper holds more value then using technology.


-Quote of the Day
Sometimes after meditating and scheduling I feel a bit discourage. I have high expectations for myself and I’m a bit of a perfectionist. So even if I learn from my lessons and figured a way to be a better person from it; it still kinda suck. So I have like about 3,000 quotes saved into my cellphone. If that’s not enough Pinterest and Instagram are my best friends for quotes. There always 1 quote that stand out for me than the others. And that becomes my quote of the day on MY Instagram.

– Exercise/Motivation
I work out and as I work out I have motivational speeches playing in the background. It’s a good way to keep going with my workout, but also a good way to kick start the day in a positive notion.

– Eat/Quiet time
I have breakfast. BUT… no phone, no music, no tv, no nothing. It’s just to keep off of technology. Don’t get me wrong, I love using social media (I’m a Gemini after all), but a break from it is needed. Studies show a break from mobile devices and tablets enhances the brain. Also, I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly surrounded by noises. Just eat my breakfast in silence looking out the window with Checkers. Listen to the birds chirp. See people walk their dogs. Watch the leaves dance with the wind. Look how the clouds waves hello and goodbye in the water color sky. It’s peaceful. Quiet time is just good for the soul.

– Education, Education, Education
Read a newspaper, read news articles, watch Ted Talk, watch Youtube videos about finance, marketing, DIY, and etc. This is when I feed my mind. Learn not only your craft, skills, and/or what you set out to do/be, learn about the world around you. Your brain is your best weapon. Use it.


Email, call, Facebook, DM-ing people on Instagram, messaging people on LinkedIn people for opportunities. Working hard is nice, making “friends” are nicer. It’s not only what you know is who you know. I try to reach out and follow up as much as possible.

– Get Inspired
I like to listen to indie, underground, and alternative musicians. I like to watch dance videos. I like watching room makeovers. I like looking for artist on Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and Deviant Art. I like to read about how a class of 6th graders raised money for their class mate to get radiation treatment. I like to watch a man with no legs and arms go surfing in Hawaii. I like watching nuns grow weed in their monastery and donate it to people who have glaucoma. Getting inspired not only restores a little more faith in humanity, but makes you feel creative and motivated to do something with your life/community. Also, makes you appreciate life more.

By then it’s either 12 or 1 PM (nap time). Then I do my secrete project, “adult” for the rest of the day, and relax. That’s my Sunday. But what happens before 12 o’clock is a time frame that I value most. I don’t know if it will help anybody, but try it. Ya never know… Otherwise, have a great Sunday yall! 

2 thoughts on “My Sunday

  1. I am a paper person when it comes to writing things down too. It phone stops working, or goes missing, your notes are gone. So many people rely on their phone for everything. But it could so easily go wrong if no back up was done on paper
    It might be considered old for some. But it never fails.
    I have never been up as early as 5am, unless it is for work, but I do try and get into a habit of at least getting up 7am for that longer day feeling.

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