Starting From The Bottom


I had recently received my direct deposit. After being a responsible adult and paying my bills; I am completely broke. Which sucks, because my car tank is close to empty. I need to do laundry. Also, I ate majority of the food I bought from grocery shopping years ago. Now I don’t know how I will be able to get to work. Even if I do, it will be with smelly dirty clothes and I will be starving until my next payment rolls up.

Ugh… I’m really getting frustrated living on this ramen noodle life. Why am I still eating ramen noodle? I graduated college years ago! I had gotten a new job about a year ago (I was at my previous job for 6 yrs). The pay is a little more than my previous job, but not that much.

Though I was in a worse predicament before, I guess I’m getting annoyed. I went to college and earned a degree. I work really hard! One year I worked 4 jobs… AT THE SAME TIME! I’m trying to looking for part-time job while finding a job that will me much more. I guess I’m so done with the struggles! I’ve working hard and networking. It seems like I’m doing a Mission Impossible laser beam obstacle that never ends.

Waiting for my fruit of my labor to finally flourish. Sigh, I know it will. The time will come. My days of struggle will be no more. For now, I will have to do as the girl is doing in this picture. Eat some spam.

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