Happy Saturday!

 I like to consider myself a GOAL digger. I’m all about making goals and achieving them. It doesn’t matter if the goal is tiny or small. I treat them all pretty much the same. The bigger goals are usually something that takes time. You have to work hard, have patience, and believe in your self in order to accomplish them. Smaller goals are usually to make sure everything else in your life runs smoothly. Smaller goals are just as important as the big goals, because they are usually pertains to do stuff that has to do with you and your surroundings. If you’re not fine and your environment is not fine, then trying to complete your bigger goals will be difficult if not impossible.

For example, cleaning your house. That’s a small goal. But if you don’t clean your house and you’re living in a messy environment; how can you function proper to get your bigger task done. It is said that when you work in a cleaner surrounding that you will work better. And you know the feeling when the house is clean and you feel your mind is clean too. When you declutter the mess you have declutter your mind.

Another example of how small goals matters as much as bigger goals; is your health. If you don’t reach goal of going to bed on time at a certain time, if you don’t reach your goal of eating certain amount of nutritious food, and your goal of getting a few minutes of exercise; how can you finish your task at hand? Your health is the number one thing you should focus on. As you know, without your health, nothing else really matters. So getting up and brushing your teeth and taking a shower; even though they seem like something that’s not a big deal. It is! Not that many people can do it and we take for granted. This why, those things can be considered as goals

You see, small goals helps you to function through the day in order for you to achieve your bigger goals. Both work together. So while you have these bigger goals that you want to accomplish this year, don’t forget about the smaller ones. Also, if you accomplish small goals. be proud that you did. Again, there are many people who can’t do small tasks. Be proud of whatever you achieve.

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