Reading List

This is my reading list… for now… Lol! Anyway, I’m a fan of Lilly Singh. I enjoy her YouTube channel and the content that she puts up. She seems like a really cool girl. So I definitely want to read her book. Also, I’ve been hearing a lot of praises about Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. I’ve been dying to read his book! It came out long ago, but never got the chance to do so I am really determined to read check his book out. Think Smarter, Faster Visualization is a book I stumbled across online. I’m all about being quick with my feet; especially mentally. Any book that can help me to improve on that, I’m all for it! As for Daily Routine morning and evening edition books, I’m interested because there’s a book simply called Daily Routine. I really like it. It’s very helpful. However, that book was for the general everyday life. So when I I found out there are two other books that focus on morning and evening; I was all for it! Now I’m not saying my life is a complete disaster, but it is a bit of a mess. I would like to get it clean up. I feel having discipline and setting myself on a routine will help me to get my life a little bit more together.

So there you have it! My reading list. As you noticed most of these books are some what self help books. Rich Dad Poor Dad is about having a more business state of mind and thinking about finance. Think Smarter, Faster Visualization is just to keep my mind sharp. Daily Routine books is for discipline; to get myself on a schedule that will work for me in my life so I can manage to accomplish more things. How To Be A Bawse is clearly a comic relief, but I also feel like I will learn some things and gain more confidence about myself.

I just want to improve my state of mind, finances, lifestyle, and the way I view myself. I feel that reading to obtain the knowledge on how to go about it, will be beneficial. If you’re in the same boat as I am, get these books. You never know, it might help you! If you can’t afford it, see if you’re local library has these books. If you’re not a fan of reading then try get an audiobook version. I know there are audible services that you have to pay for, but if you’re tight with money check out YouTube. YouTube has audio editions of books! Look, if there’s a 50 Shades Grey audiobook series on YouTube, then you can find anything on YouTube… lol!

Do you have a reading list? If so, what are your books? Do you have books that you can recommend for me? Have you read any of the books on my reading list? What do you think? Please let me know! I love feed back.

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