Hello, my name is Michy. As I stated, I decided you make a blog. Why? I guess since I just turned 30 and after being miserable for 6 years at a job; I have gotten a new one. Just so I can be unhappy there too. My boyfriend of 2.5 yrs, whom I really loved, recently dumped me… My roommates are immature and driving me crazy. My furbabies, my cat Checkers and my two ferrets Champagne and Kit, are also driving me up the wall. There is always something wrong with my apartment I live in and I’m trying give my bedroom a makeover without stressing myself out. I have tons of health issues, I’m in debt due to student loans and medical bills, and of course family drama. I needed a place to let my thoughts out. So I created a blog to express what I’m thinking and feeling. Also, I’m hoping to find other women in their 30’s that’s feeling the same way as me. Will I post bunch of silly posts of pictures? Yes. I am a creative person with an appreciation of art; especially colorful art. I will admit, this blog will come off extremely girly. Which is definitely not me. Can I be girly? Yes… but only when the occasion arise. But usually I’m this sweat pants loving, comic book geek, hoodie fan, no makeup wearing kind of girl. I guess this blog will help me get in touch of my femininity. Anyway, if you’re reading this, I hope you come back for random pictures and the chaotic story of my life.

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